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M.J.Reddie Surveys have been successfully servicing clients, both large and small, from Berwick to Inverloch and surrounding areas for over 25 years. We combine the most advanced surveying technology with proven survey techniques to provide a professional cost effective survey solution. As licensed and trained professional land surveyors, Reddie Surveys can assist with all of your town planning and land surveying needs.

Our survey team comprises of two licensed surveyors, a survey assistant and a draftsman, who combine to provide a wealth of experience in all aspects of land development and town planning. We service all areas of Victoria, with our land surveying offices in Melbourne and Gippsland.


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Our People

Our land survey and town planning team comprises of two licensed surveyors, a survey assistant and draftsman, who combine to provide a wealth of experience in all aspects of land development

Michael - Reddie Surveys Team Member

Michael Reddie

Licensed Surveyor since 1977
M.J.Reddie Surveys P/L is owned and managed by Michael Reddie who has over 27 years experience in land surveying industry. 

Luke - Reddie Surveys Team Member

Luke Reddie

Licensed Surveyor since 2008
Bachelor of Geomatic Engineering (Honours)
Bachelor of Planning and Design

Sam - Reddie Surveys Team Member

Sam Geurens

Survey Assistant
Certificate in Land Surveying

Please send us an email on info@reddiesurveys.com.au if you have any queries or use our contact form.

A condensed list of services Reddie Surveys provides:

Complete development solution

If you’re interested in unlocking the potential of your property but don’t know where to start, then utlize our years of experience and strong development network to take all of the stress of the procedure. Call us to discuss how we can help you! We provide the complete development package and guide you through the process, every step of the way.


Whether it be a two lot subdivision, estate development or multistory apartment building, Reddie Surveys can offer you a complete development solution to ensure a smooth professional titling procedure.  If you would like to learn more about the process of subdivision, call us today – we will explain how the subdivision process applies for your land.

Title Survey (re-establishment)

This highly detailed survey determines the location of your title boundary in relation to your existing fencing. We mark the title corners onsite and produce a plan. Our experienced survey team can then give you professional advice on how you should proceed. Contact us today to learn how completing a title survey can be beneficial for your property.

Feature and Level Survey

This includes the contours of the landvegetation such as trees and underground landmarks such as drains and utility services. Reddie Surveys provide the final survey data in numerous formats to ensure that it is compliant with the needs of your application. 

Project Management

Our 25 years of experience has built our expertise in managing projects for our clients. Our project management service includes managing the permits required for your building so that you can proceed with your project with a peace of mind. Reddie Surveys particularly specialises in expertly co-ordinating subcontractors, council and referral authorities from permit stage through to new titles. 

Building Set-outs

Building Set-Outs is the process of setting out buildings onsite as laid out by your plans. This is a crucial process as it helps ensure that builders can follow the design presented to them during the construction process. This service can be used for building projects of any size and helps reduce the possibility of any mistakes in the process of building your project. Call us today to discuss how we can apply this process to your application 

Town Planning

If you are planning to do any kind of development on your property, you need to ensure that your plans suit the requirements set by the council. Reddie Surveys simplifies this overwhelming process by creating plans and reports that satisfy council requirements for all small and large planning applications. Contact us today to learn more about this service! 

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