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M.J. Reddie Surveys is a family run licensed surveying business. We pride ourselves on our reliable and accurate land survey and development solutions for all your property needs. Founded by Michael Reddie in 1985, M.J. Reddie Surveys has slowly grown into a team of professionals offering services in town planning, land surveying, property development and engineering. Michael has now over 45 years of experience in this industry and passed on the business to his son Luke Reddie 2015. Both Michael and Luke have maintained the family business feeling and the great level of service M.J. Reddie Surveys offers our clients.

Predominately based in the South Eastern Suburbs and Gippsland area, we utilise the most up-to-date technology with proven land surveying techniques. This combination in our processes provides solutions to all your property needs. Whether you are looking to survey your backyard, solve a fencing dispute, or even plan a large multi-lot development, no job is too great or small for our experienced team.


Michael - M.J. Reddie Surveys Team Member


Licensed Surveyor since 1977
M.J. Reddie Surveys P/L was owned and managed by Michael Reddie who now has over 45 years’ experience in the land surveying industry.

Luke - Reddie Surveys Team Member


Owner of M.J. Reddie Surveys
Luke has achieved a Bachelor of Geomatic Engineering (Honours) and a Bachelor of Planning and Design. He is a licensed land surveyor since 2008.

Please send us an email on info@reddiesurveys.com.au if you have any queries or use our contact form.


Reddie Surveyors offers a broad range of Cadastral, Engineering and Topographical Surveying services in South East Melbourne and beyond.


M.J. Reddie Surveys are experts in subdivision and work to make the process as smooth as possible. We subdivide for estate developments, multi-storey apartment buildings and more. If you would like to learn more about subdivision, call us today! We will explain how the subdivision process applies for your land.

Title Survey (re-establishment)

These property surveys are highly detailed surveys which determine the location of your title boundary in relation to your existing fencing. We mark the title corners onsite and produce a plan. Our experienced survey team can then give you professional advice on how you should proceed. Contact us today to learn how completing a title survey can be beneficial for your property.

Feature and Level Survey

This includes surveying the contours of land vegetation (e.g. trees) and underground landmarks (e.g. drains and utility services). M.J. Reddie Surveys provide the final survey data in numerous formats to ensure compliance with the needs of your application.

Site Analysis Survey

A site analysis survey is crucial in revealing the potential of your property as well as any constraints that you might face in your development. Due to the nature of the information this survey reveals, it is best to do this survey before you start planning your development. This helps minimise the risk of missing any opportunities as you have the full picture of your property’s scope in mind.

Building Set-outs

Building set-outs is the process of setting out buildings onsite as laid out by your plans. This is a crucial process as it helps ensure that builders can follow the design presented to them. As a result, it helps reduce the possibility of any mistakes in the process of building your project. This service can be used for building projects of any size. Call us today to discuss how we can apply this process to your application.

Civil Engineering Design

M.J. Reddie Surveys can offer you professional civil engineering design services for your next development or project. Civil engineering design services is vital for development projects as they minimise risk and potential mistakes further down in the construction process. We pride ourselves in being able to create professional plans that simplify your approval process with the council. Contact us today to learn more about these services. We’re ready to help you get your project moving!

Project Management

M.J. Reddie Surveys offers comprehensive project management services. Our services begin from looking at the project feasibility and cost of the development. We then manage your development or subdivision approvals and other permits for the project. Our team can also negotiate your plan with authorities and work with consultants to co-ordinate their input in the project. Collaboration is key for project management so we co-ordinate key stakeholders to ensure a streamlined process for your development. In addition to these services, our team can also arrange tenders, do contract administration, monitor your construction and manage State of Compliance releases so you can obtain settlements.

Town Planning

Land developers need to ensure that their plans suit the requirements set by the council. This is true for planning any kind of development on your property. M.J. Reddie Surveys simplifies this overwhelming process by creating plans and reports that satisfy council requirements. We offer this survey to any small and large planning applications. Contact us today to learn more about this service!

Complete development solution

Not sure where to start in unlocking the potential of your property? Utilise our years of experience and strong development network to take  out all the stress in the procedure! We provide the complete development package and guide you through the process, every step of the way. Call us today to discuss how we can help you.


“M.J. Reddie Surveys were absolutely wonderful when helping us with our subdivision. Luke was very professional, timely and always answered my phone calls. He was also very polite on the phone and made a huge effort to go above and beyond to ensure that it was a smooth process. I highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again in the future or refer them to our family and friends. Thank you M.J. Reddie Surveys.”

Chenelle Iacovangelo

“They are practical, down to earth and experienced professionals in their field. Their timely advice and proactive solutions have facilitated many of my projects from simple two-lot subdivisions to multi-stage estate subdivisions. Their team consistently attend to all matters diligently and without delay, allowing projects to move forward with accurate and on-time information. Their knowledge of the planning and surveying processes helps you navigate this ever-changing landscape and their authoritative contacts and long term relationships help streamline delivery. Whether you’re new to land development or an experienced developer, I would highly recommend Luke Reddie and the team at Reddie Surveys for fast, reliable and accurate services.”

Diego Lorenzo – Principal of Civil Made Pty Ltd

“Thank you very much! The decision to appoint you to get this all done for us when we started proved absolutely correct and if I ever went down this path again, I would most definitely do the same. Both you and Diego have been an absolute pleasure to deal with – THANK YOU.”

Steve Godwin – Developer

“We have worked in conjunction with M.J. Reddie Surveys for 15 years. During this time, we have always found Michael, Luke and the team to be highly professional. Their combined knowledge and solution-based approach never fails to impress. They never hesitate to assist with any queries we may have and ensure that they provide us with supporting information. Their service is consistently prompt and together with strong communication skills makes them easy to deal with. We frequently recommend them to our clients and have used them ourselves.”

Angela Craven – Director of Ideal Conveyancing

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