Subdivision involves dividing a larger piece of land into smaller areas. As a result, the processes involved can be expensive and complicated. This is especially relevant when dealing with Council planning provisions and procedures that differ Council to Council.

With M.J. Reddie Surveys’ experience, we can guide you through the development process to ensure a positive result.

Because of this, we can cover:

  • 2-lot subdivision
  • Building subdivision
  • Large greenfield estates
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Multi-storey high rise

How to Subdivide Land in Victoria

If you have been thinking about whether you should subdivide, and how to subdivide land – but are unsure of where to start, read our article here on the land subdivision process.

Firstly, how much does subdividing land cost?

Each development will vary is price depending on its complexity and required survey input. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or a phone call for a fixed fee proposal.

What is the subdivision process in Victoria? 


There are typically two main subdivision types available;

1. Building Subdivision – When a Draftsman or architect has design and achieved approval from  council for a development permit. Usually required for lots less than 400 square meters in area were council will want to see exactly what is proposed to be built on each lot. An Architect or Draftsman will complete the initial development application.

2. Land Subdivision – Where no architectural design is required as the lots created are large (generally over 400 square meters) enough to facilitate a minimum 10mx15m building and allow for required garden area. In this instance a licensed surveying firm, like Reddie Surveys, can complete the initial town planning application.

Once the initial Town planning permit has been achieved either by an Architect/ Town Planner (for a building subdivision) or by a licensed land surveying firm (for a Land subdivision) a formal subdivision application can be made.


An application for subdivision through the SPEAR online application portal will be made by M.J. Reddie Surveys or your surveying company. M.J. Reddie Surveys provides all relevant documentation to council who will then examine the merits of the development and hopefully issue a subdivision permit. They may however request further information which we can advise you on and also put you in touch with our strong network of other professionals who can help respond to councils request.


If a permit is granted you will need to comply with all permit conditions relating to the servicing and construction of the development. M.J. Reddie Surveys can guide you through this process and also provide a professional permit management service to take responsibility for all permit conditions. Once all permit conditions are achieved council will issue an overall statement of compliance.


Once council issue compliance to M.J. Reddie Surveys or your chosen land surveyor, they will finalise all formal survey documentation and release the SPEAR application to Land Victoria so your conveyancer can complete the final lodgement for new Titles.

Any questions regarding the process or a surveyors involvement in the land subdivision process? Feel free to email us at: or call us on: (03) 9707 4117

To find out if you land is suitable for subdivision, please click here.

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