Who needs a surveyor?



All land is unique and requires surveying to ensure you can proceed with your next project. Plots of land can look very similar or be in close proximity to other developments, but can vary greatly. All sites need to be properly surveyed before building or development can commence. A Land Surveyor is the only professional who can advise on to whether you can legally develop your land. This also helps determine whether you can put a structure on your property or subdivide legally.

Many people are unaware of what a land surveyor can assist with. Land Surveyors have an integral role in property development, construction, subdivision, purchasing property and many other projects.

So how do you know when you need a Surveyor?

The following list in an example of when you should enlist the services of a qualified land surveyor.

You need a Surveyor when you are undertaking the following activities:

Buying a property

If you are buying a property, a land surveyor will provide a detailed property survey. This is to ascertain important details about the house and the land it sits on. The survey a vital step before buying a house. It helps ensure the title purchase is what you think it is and will clearly show the property boundaries. The title also shows the lot size and property description.

Selling a property

Property buyers may decide to carry out survey reports and building certificates. This can delay the selling process or cause difficulties. The benefits and protection of surveying your property in detail when it comes to selling often outweigh costs.

Sub-dividing a property

There are many rules and regulations surrounding property subdivision and these vary from council to council. Certain land and property features will determine whether a property is suitable for sub-division. A surveyor will ascertain whether your property meets the criteria and what the regulations are for that area.

Verifying acreage

A survey can help to determine the exact size of your acreage.

Building a new house, unit or building

A surveyor can assist the building process by ensuring local building codes and regulations are satisfied. They will also map out and measure the land. These measurements are then used by architects and builders to make the most of the landscape when designing and constructing.

Disputing property boundary lines

Most people are unaware of the exact location of their property lines. A surveyor can help solve this issue by providing an accurate report outlining the exact boundary dimensions. Making assumptions about boundary lines and property corners can cause big disputes between neighbours. This is especially seen in situations where one party wants to renovate or extend. A detailed property report will identify any potential issues before you build a fence or driveway. It can also help in set the boundaries before you decide to extend a part of your property.

Early stages of your design or construction process

A land surveyor can ascertain whether there are any specific property restrictions to be aware of before construction. As certain zoning classification can restrict how a property is used, it is important to do this early on.

Developing on your property

If you intend to develop or renovate a property, a surveyor safely ensures any construction meets building regulations. They can also ensure that the construction fits within the landscape.

Coordinating sub-contractors, council and referral authorities

The building and construction industry  a myriad of people working together efficiently and effective communication is paramount. A surveyor has the expertise and skill to liaise with a variety of professionals including tradespersons, council and referral authorities. This process of cooperating with these diverse parties ensure projects run smoothly and efficiently.

M.J. Reddie Survey’s provide diverse land surveying services to ensure we can assist with your next development or project. We can assist with all of the items listed above.

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