Types Of Land Surveys & Services Offered

Types Of Land Surveys & Services Offered By Land Surveyors

Some common services land surveyors offer include:

  • Land surveying services
    • Subdivision
      • Subdivision involves sectioning parcels of land into smaller lots for sale or development. Subdivision can be a tricky and lengthy process with many steps and stages, including council involvement and permit submission so it’s best to speak to an expert and have an experienced subdivision specialist assist you with the process. Subdivision surveys can be undertaken to understand the exact dimensions and possible sectioning of the land.
    • Re-establishment surveys
      • Boundary re-establishment surveys involve a licenced surveyor going to measure an existing plot of land and re-marking the boundary lines. This is particularly useful if a block of land has been sitting vacant for some time, original documentation is lost or incomplete or new owners are wanting to check
    • Feature and level surveys
      • Feature and level surveys offer a more detailed view of the land being surveyed, including the site conditions, topographic features such as height and location, surrounding properties, roads and street entry locations, and structures and landmarks such as large trees.
    • Site analysis surveys
      • Site analysis surveys outline the pros and cons of the land for development and is often performed when researching the opportunity for subdivision. This involves a wide range of features, including pipes, houses and buildings, landscaping, lighting, and other structures. The plan shows a wider view, generally including neighbourhood character of 3 houses either side, across the road and behind.
  • Land development services
    • Building set-outs
      • The process of transferring building designs onto the land so builders can easily follow the design.
    • Civil engineering services
      • Creating detailed designs and plans before hand to ensure the construction project stays on track.
    • Project management
      • Helping you manage your land development project.
    • Town planning
      • Involves the strategic planning of your developments for council requirements. Our team are qualified and experienced in town planning. We can assist you with the entire town planning process, which involves the designing of the plans, to submitting planning applications and liaising with council.
    • Complete development solutions
      • Working with you throughout the entire development process to bring your project to life.
  • Additional Services Offered
    • Adverse Possession
      We can offer land surveys for the purpose of adverse possession. This helps to find the exact parcel of land that a land-dweller may be entitled to after living, uninterrupted, on a parcel of land for more than 15 years.
    • Covenant Removal
      We can assist you with applying for a permit to remove or update a covenant on your land.
    • Plan of Consolidation
      A plan of consolidation is drawn up when someone wishes to join two lots of land into the one.
    • Plan of Variation
      We are able to assist with drafting and submitting a plan of variation for a block of land that you own.
    • Easement Removal
      If you are looking to remove or modify an existing easement on your land, we can assist you with the application and submission process.
    • AHD Levels
      AHD (Australian Height Datum) levels are used to provide a measurement of a position of land or point from sea level. This can be helpful for town planning, setting flood meters and also new dwellings to determine how high a home or land may sit above the sewerage connection.

If you are requiring any of the services listed above, please give us a call today!

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