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Town planning and urban planning involves strategic planning, controlling new and existing developments and monitoring changes within the community. As communities grow, town planners manage the increasing demand by designing and developing strategies to meet community’s future needs. As urban planners, we work closely with new land developments and preparing strategic plans or development plans. We ensure the needs of those to occupy the space can be met both now and in the future.


Urban planning is an essential element when town planners can prepare or assess development applications. Once a proposal has been assessed, town planners coordinate various consultants such as architects, land surveyors, civil engineers and landscape architects. Together they work in compliance with the Planning Scheme. Overall, town planners guide and assess future development of expanding cities, towns and regions in many areas. These include housing, land and property development, education, community projects, tourism and transport.

A town planner and urban planner assists and advises developers and landowners with their development ideas and plans. They will professionally develop strategies and reports based on their assessments of your proposed development. Their process includes ensuring that all local council regulations and policies are met. Town planners aren’t limited to one type of development but rather have a multitude of areas of expertise. This ranges from assisting with simple house extensions to large multi-storey project proposals – their role is highly multi-faceted. Town planners are well educated on the legislation of small-and-large scale developments and work alongside local councils. When proposing a development, you must make sure that your development fits within the Council and State legislation. By meeting Council guidelines, this will ensure the best chance of success.

If you are a landowner or developer with a building concept, town planners can advise whether your proposal meets local council regulations. Enlisting the service of a town planner to assist your proposed development plans and hasten the development proposal process. It can also ensure any issues meeting the council’s Planning Scheme are quickly addressed and rectified.

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M.J. Reddie Surveys expert team of town planners can prepare and lodge detailed applications to the Council on your behalf. We have been successfully servicing clients, both large and small, from Berwick to Inverloch and surrounding areas for 35+ years. Learn more about M.J. Reddie Surveys.

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