What Is A Title Re-establishment Survey

Also known as a ‘boundary survey’

A title re-establishment survey is conduced to re-establish or confirm where the exact boundaries of the plot of land are located and exact land dimensions.

Title re-establishment surveys often take place when a block of land has been vacant or unused for some time and the boundaries need to be confirmed before building or sale can take place. Often existing survey pegs have gone missing or can’t be found which calls for a ‘re-pegging’ of the land to confirm the exact dimensions and placement of the block.

Title Re-establishment surveys are necessary to ensure that correct information is given to builders or potential buyers so no problems or issues will pop up at a later stage in building and development. Without correct dimensions, someone could purchase a block of land that is actually larger or smaller than they intended, or an agent could sell the land for a higher or lower price than the market rate for the exact land size. Without accurate land boundary lines, fences or sheds can be built in the wrong place and cause issues among neighbours with these structures needing to be rebuilt in their correct locations later down the track.

When should I get a boundary survey done?

Many builders may request that you get a boundary survey done before they begin works on a block of land if pegs are missing or current information is inaccurate or incomplete.

You may wish to get a boundary survey before erecting a new fence, shed or structure close to a boundary line to ensure you’re building within your property and prevent neighbour disputes.

How Much Does A Land Survey Cost?

What is the cost of a land survey?

Land surveying costs vary depending on a number of factors – each project needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Overall land size, amount of vegetation and ease of access, geographical location and distance to travel and the age of the land may all impact the quote for your works. Understandably, multiple acres will take longer and more manpower to survey than a residential 500sqm block and the type of detail and information you require from your survey will be taken into account.

We use state-of-the art land surveying equipment which helps us to do this process efficiently and complete jobs as accurately as possible, ultimately saving you money.

If you are interested in getting a quote for your land survey, please give us a call on 03 9707 4117 or send us an email.

Fence - Can a land surveyor help me with boundary disputes?

Can A Land Surveyor Help Me With Boundary Disputes?

While a land surveyor can’t mediate or assist in submitting the dispute claims – a boundary survey can be completed to provide an accurate plan of the property boundaries and outline where the fence has, and should have been erected. By having a third party intermediary complete this process it can help to provide an external and professional answer to any questions and uncertainty surrounding your fencing dispute.

Involving a land surveyor in the process is the easiest way to get answers to any boundary questions or concerns and the cost involved can outweigh legal costs and emotional toll a fencing dispute can bring up.

For more information on fencing disputes in Victoria, please see the relevant page on the disputes.vic.gov.au website here.

Fence - Can a land surveyor help me with boundary disputes?

Do I Need A Land Surveyor?

There are numerous reasons why you may need to hire a land surveyor as they can help you to:

• Find the exact boundary of your existing property before building or applying for a building permit
• Find the exact boundary of a new property you are looking to purchase so you can be confident on the land size you are purchasing
• Know where the correct location is when building a new fence or structure close to your boundary line
• Resolve a dispute with a neighbour or bordering property about boundary lines
• Understand your option when considering subdivision of your land

Land surveyors are qualified and experienced in land measurement so you can be confident that the results are accurate.

Can I Do My Own Land Survey On My Property?

Why should I hire a professional land surveyor?

For the reasons mentioned above, to have a legally standing land survey it must be completed by a registered professional – this will prevent any issues arising at a later date. Land surveyors have state-of-the-art instruments and equipment to ensure the accuracy of all surveys that are done. Professional land surveyors, such as Reddie Surveys, have completed numerous land surveyors before, so we are both efficient and effective in the process.

If you are looking to hire a land surveyor for your next project, get in touch with the Reddie Surveys team today.

Types Of Land Surveys & Services Offered

Types Of Land Surveys & Services Offered By Land Surveyors

Some common services land surveyors offer include:

  • Land surveying services
    • Subdivision
      • Subdivision involves sectioning parcels of land into smaller lots for sale or development. Subdivision can be a tricky and lengthy process with many steps and stages, including council involvement and permit submission so it’s best to speak to an expert and have an experienced subdivision specialist assist you with the process. Subdivision surveys can be undertaken to understand the exact dimensions and possible sectioning of the land.
    • Re-establishment surveys
      • Boundary re-establishment surveys involve a licenced surveyor going to measure an existing plot of land and re-marking the boundary lines. This is particularly useful if a block of land has been sitting vacant for some time, original documentation is lost or incomplete or new owners are wanting to check
    • Feature and level surveys
      • Feature and level surveys offer a more detailed view of the land being surveyed, including the site conditions, topographic features such as height and location, surrounding properties, roads and street entry locations, and structures and landmarks such as large trees.
    • Site analysis surveys
      • Site analysis surveys outline the pros and cons of the land for development and is often performed when researching the opportunity for subdivision. This involves a wide range of features, including pipes, houses and buildings, landscaping, lighting, and other structures. The plan shows a wider view, generally including neighbourhood character of 3 houses either side, across the road and behind.
  • Land development services
    • Building set-outs
      • The process of transferring building designs onto the land so builders can easily follow the design.
    • Civil engineering services
      • Creating detailed designs and plans before hand to ensure the construction project stays on track.
    • Project management
      • Helping you manage your land development project.
    • Town planning
      • Involves the strategic planning of your developments for council requirements. Our team are qualified and experienced in town planning. We can assist you with the entire town planning process, which involves the designing of the plans, to submitting planning applications and liaising with council.
    • Complete development solutions
      • Working with you throughout the entire development process to bring your project to life.
  • Additional Services Offered
    • Adverse Possession
      We can offer land surveys for the purpose of adverse possession. This helps to find the exact parcel of land that a land-dweller may be entitled to after living, uninterrupted, on a parcel of land for more than 15 years.
    • Covenant Removal
      We can assist you with applying for a permit to remove or update a covenant on your land.
    • Plan of Consolidation
      A plan of consolidation is drawn up when someone wishes to join two lots of land into the one.
    • Plan of Variation
      We are able to assist with drafting and submitting a plan of variation for a block of land that you own.
    • Easement Removal
      If you are looking to remove or modify an existing easement on your land, we can assist you with the application and submission process.
    • AHD Levels
      AHD (Australian Height Datum) levels are used to provide a measurement of a position of land or point from sea level. This can be helpful for town planning, setting flood meters and also new dwellings to determine how high a home or land may sit above the sewerage connection.

If you are requiring any of the services listed above, please give us a call today!

What Does A Land Surveyor Do?

The role of a land surveyor is diverse and allows developers or land owners to achieve a range of outcomes with their property. Essentially it involves working with different technical instruments to measure, map and plot certain elements of a geographic location on a specialised plan for use in building and development. More specifically, land surveyors conduct boundary surveys (to determine exact property lines and borders of the land in question, create re-establishment surveys (re-establishing the land’s boundaries and corner points), feature surveys (mapping out of the land contours and features) and sub-division surveys (how to split up a large area of land for sale of smaller lots).

The surveying process also determines whether there are easements and encroachments on the land. By doing a survey, this can help resolve or avoid disputes about land and boundary lines and assists the proper placement of fences and other structural items.

Land surveyors need to be tertiary qualified and registered to be able to practice as a land surveyor in Victoria.

See: what is land surveying?

Types Of Land Surveys & Services Offered By Land Surveyors

Some common services land surveyors offer include:

If you are planning on undertaking any of the processes listed above, then yes, you need a land surveyor. Give us a call today!

What’s The Difference Between a Land Surveyor and A Building Surveyor

Land Surveyors focus on the spatial layout of the site – we look at the land and space you have to work with. We provide accurate details of boundaries, easements and other things that may affect your build on this land.

A Building Surveyor deals with the legal side of everything. They ensure all permits and approvals are in place before building begins.

We will work closely with your building supervisor ensuring your project runs on track and as efficiently as possible.

What Is Land Surveying?

What is land surveying?

Simply, Land surveying involves finding and measuring the boundaries of a parcel of land.
Qualified land surveyors use specialist equipment to ensure the land is measured correctly and accurately. A report is then generated for whoever requires it, be a homeowner, real estate agent or land developer.

Why is land surveying important?

Land surveying is important for people to understand their exact boundary lines and area of the property they are going to buy, sell or subdivide. This helps people to successfully build within their designated boundaries and to avoid any potential disputes down the track with items being built on someone else’s land or over easements in the future. It also helps with the sale of property, so land size can be accurately advertised and buyers can feel certain and confident with the information provided when comparing land to purchase.

Without land surveying, it would be difficult for someone to prove how much land they actually own, and opens up the possibility of people being accidentally or intentionally misleading when selling land or errors made when building fences or structures.

What is the purpose of a land survey?

The purpose of a land survey is to provide an accurate measurement of a block or plot of land. People require this information to make educated and informed decisions about the land based on the results so it’s accuracy is integral. This is why it needs to be performed by a licensed and qualified land surveyor. (see: what does a land surveyor do)

Reasons you might need a land survey:

– Want to know the size of land before you purchase?
– Want to confirm dimensions of a large block before subdividing?
– Want to find the exact location of your boundary before building a car port?
– You and your neighbour need to know the exact placement of your fence to be built?
– Need to locate and confirm easement placement?