Building Set-Outs involve transferring building designs onto the land itself to ensure builders can follow the design while constructing. This survey is highly important when preparing for a construction job. It can also ensure that projects are completed within the boundary line and completed by construction teams exactly to plan.

The set-out process involves licensed land surveyors physically transferring dimensions of positions onto the ground where the construction is to take place. These positions include corners, centre lines of walls, boundary lines and key building markers. This process ensures all construction is carried out according to the design plans. It also assists all contractors onsite by having a clear guide before project commencement.


  • Building set-outs allow construction to be done within legal boundary lines which can prevent potential costly and disruptive legal disputes.
  • Help all contractors onsite clearly see where your building will be located. This will help them follow the design easily during the construction process.
  • The physical markers provide guidance for all onsite contractors to execute construction exactly to plan.
  • Any potential design flaws are quickly identified once physical markers have been laid out before construction commences.
  • Essential to accurate management of a construction team from small dwellings to major commercial building projects.


Building set-outs are a critical step to any design and construction process from small-scale projects to larger developments. They are warranted for numerous construction projects including the following:

  • Building new homes, apartments, townhouses and units
  • Residential and commercial building extensions and renovations
  • Development of warehouses and commercial buildings
  • Design and implementation of residential and commercial swimming pools
  • Large-scale town and land development projects
  • Town infrastructure projects


At M.J. Reddie Surveys we understand that the design of each building project is different and has its unique complexities. We aim to simplify as much of this process as possible for all the stakeholders involved. Our 35+ years of experience has helped us develop accurate processes to help all stakeholders involved which supports stakeholders. We also use high quality equipment to ensure the accuracy of our measurements. Our processes involve accurately and expertly marking the building position onsite. After the physical marking process, we also provide building set-out plans to help all contractors onsite during the construction process. Learn more about M.J. Reddie Surveys.

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